Venice outbreak of mass protests by cruise out of Port containment

[Global Network reported reporter Xu Wenqi] Itar – Tass news June 9, Venice, Italy, protests broke out activities demonstrators encircling a cruise out of Port, in opposition to its bypass port directly adjacent to the Piazza San Marco, to Venice architectural heritage brings losses.

According to reports, on the 9th morning about several hundred protesters held a rally, but in the end due to a conflict with the law enforcement agency personnel and the end.

January 2012, the Italian luxury cruise ship ‘Costa Concordia’ in the 提雷尼亚海 Ji Liao Island rocks sank after this incident, a number of experts and ecologists speech, said more and more often, similar emergencies is likely to happen again, especially in the tourist season thousands of tourists arriving in Italy cruises port area.

(Original title: Venice Cruise mass protests broke out port was containment

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