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Venice Protest: ‘No to Big Cruise Ships!’

The Nation  Flying into Venice for a long-awaited vacation, the biggest thing we could see from the air was not the Piazza San Marco, or the Doge’s Palace, or the Basilica—the biggest thing in Venice was a cruise ship docked in the passenger port. In town an hour later, we saw the posters, which said (in Italian, of course), “Defend the ...

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Venice outbreak of mass protests by cruise out of Port containment

http://www.best-news.us [Global Network reported reporter Xu Wenqi] Itar – Tass news June 9, Venice, Italy, protests broke out activities demonstrators encircling a cruise out of Port, in opposition to its bypass port directly adjacent to the Piazza San Marco, to Venice architectural heritage brings losses. According to reports, on the 9th morning about several hundred protesters held a rally, but ...

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Venice: Protests held over cruise liners in city

MASKED protesters in Venice have clashed with riot police as opposition mounts to the massive cruise liners packed with tourists that edge within yards of the city’s fragile churches and palaces.   Protesters waved inflatable beach toys as they tried to push through police lines at the weekend to where cruise ship passengers huddled with their suitcases, as a flotilla ...

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